Athenaze Book 1 – Chapter 10β

Chapter Instructional Videos & Audio Recordings


This is all of the vocabulary contained in this lesson. It includes all of the vocabulary words from the vocabulary list, most (if not all) of the vocabulary supplied for the story, and a few additional but logically relevant words. Click on the buttons to hear words pronounced. Hover your cursor over them to see a gloss. Review the vocabulary until you can say the gloss for each word without help.

Chapter Instructional Videos & Audio Recordings

Listen to the Chapter Story

Keep reviewing until you can understand the passage as it is read without looking at the text. Don’t expect to understand the passage just by listening without plenty of practice. Be patient, work hard, and have fun.

Chapter Grammar Lecture

After you have translated the story and then have listened to it many times (This means starting, stopping, and reviewing each phrase until you can understand the entire story just by listening to it.), Watch this video containing conversation questions in Greek regarding the story. Work through the questions by starting and stopping the recordings until you can ask and answer questions on your own. Then the video contains a lecture on the grammar presented in the lesson.

Watch the Grammar Lesson Video
10B Grammar Lesson

Flash card advice

You can read more about this Anki flashcard deck with pictures and audio at the materials page.