Athenaze Book 1 – Chapter 1(β)

Chapter Instructional Videos & Audio Recordings


This is all of the vocabulary contained in this lesson. It includes all of the vocabulary words from the vocabulary list, most (if not all) of the vocabulary supplied for the story, and a few additional but logically relevant words. Click on buttons next to the words to hear them pronounced. Hover your cursor over them to see a gloss. There is a slight delay before the gloss appears. Review the vocabulary until you can say the gloss for each word before it can display.


αἴρειhe lifts
βαδίζειhe walks
καθίζειhe sits
καταδύνειhe goes down
κατατρίβειhe wears out
φέρειhe carries


τό ἕρμαrock pile
ὁ ἥλιοςsun
ὁ χρόνοςtime




χαλεπόςdifficult, hard


οὐκέτιno longer


πρός + acc.toward


κατατρίβω τὸν χρόνονpass the time

ἐπαίρει ἑαυτόνhe gets up
πολὺν χρόνονfor a long time
ἐκ τοῦ ἀγροῦfrom the field
ἐν τῷ ἀγρῷin the field

Chapter Instructional Videos & Audio Recordings

Caption and Vocabulary Discussion

Here is a video containing a discussion regarding the lesson caption, an introduction to the lesson vocabulary and a vocabulary review. Come back often to this video and use its side bar to jump right to the vocabulary review to work on your vocabulary.

If your book hasn’t arrived yet, you can view this lesson from my text. Please disregard my Latin notes.

Watch Vocabulary Lesson Video

Listen to the Chapter Story

The story is read at a normal deliberate pace. Of course, this will sound excessively fast if not unintelligible at first. Remember our goal is to internalize the language so you can read quickly with understanding the meaning in Greek, not having to translate the passage in order to understand it. At first, you will have to play, pause, and review one clause at a time. But once you know what the text is saying practice reading and listening to the recording and force yourself to not to translate it into English. Visualization and hand motions can help sometimes, but simple repetition is unavoidable. Keep reviewing until you can understand the passage as it is read without looking at the text. Once you learn how to learn this way your learning pace will increase. For now, be patient, work hard, and have fun.

Audio for Workbook Story 1β Ο ΟΙΚΟΣ

You are welcome to save these recording on your own machine for your personal use. If you have friends that would like copies please have them register.

Chapter Grammar Video Lecture

After you have translated the story and then have listened to it many times (This means starting, stopping, and reviewing each phrase until you can understand the entire story just by listening to it.), Watch this video containing conversation questions in Greek regarding the story. Work through the questions by starting and stopping the recordings until you can ask and answer questions on your own. Then the video contains a lecture on the grammar presented in the lesson.

Please disregard the other site links mentioned at the conclusion of the lecture.

Watch Grammar Lesson Video

Grammar point 5 (page 9) explains the three types of accents in Greek. This section corresponds to my first video on accenting on the introduction 2 page. The textbook also talks about enclitics. At this point, you just need to know that these types of words exist. To understand how they really function, watch my accenting video series to the end (especially the fourth video).

Flashcard Advice

If you are using Anki to learn vocabulary, check out the “Study Options” window try changing your settings to a “Selective Study” that shows cards with certain tags. Then add to your study deck by making sure that flashcards with 1α and 1β are selected to be available in your study. You should do this for each lesson as we work through them. Now just don’t forget to perform Anki reviews as frequently as possible every day.