Course Materials


This course was created around the second edition of Oxford’s Athenaze curriculum published in 2003. This edition can typically be purchased for less than the current edition on or ebay. The current edition will suffice if the second edition is not able to be found but be aware that there may be some minor differences.

Athenaze Book 1 contains a program that covers the material contained in most university and graduate level beginning Greek programs.  There are only a couple additional points of grammar are helpful to learn to move into a program of reading the New Testament after completing book 1.  I have recorded a couple transition lectures to bridge this gap.  Therefore Book 2 is optional.

All of the vocabulary and recordings currently available on this site are based off of the second edition of the grammar.  There isn’t much difference in the new 3rd edition so that can be used but you should expect some very minor differences (Such as a word choice here and there in the stories.)

If you want to work toward mastery the workbook is also recommended.

Multi-media Flashcards

I also have a complete deck of flash cards with audio and pictures for each vocabulary word (and some important extras).  The deck was designed to work with the cross platform ANKI flashcard app.

Instructions for downloading the flash cards:

The best way to learn vocabulary is with a “spaced review system”. The best program that I have found for this is Anki. It is a free download for any computer and will keep your progress synchronized as you use it on mobile devices.

We have been developing an audio/visual (yes, there are pictures) deck of cards to be used with this program. Anki will track your progress as you learn the vocabulary contained in Athenaze. All rights are reserved so please do not make this information public or republish it.

Set up

Step 1 – Download and install the ANKI app on a computer.

Step 2 – Downloading and importing flashcards for this course

  1. close Anki (if you have the app open)
  2. Download the IBG Athenaze flashcard deck from my dropbox. I have a sample deck with multimedia cards of for you to try with this link. I have a full deck that will take you through the vocabulary of all chapters in book 1. It is included with a premium membership. If you are supporting this site or have this membership the link to download the whole deck is displayed here.
    This content is for members only.
  3. Once you download the file onto your computer, you can open Anki and import it. You are free to delete the downloaded file after you have imported the deck into Anki.
  4. To import the deck, open Anki. (download and install it if you need to Click “import” at the bottom of the screen. (or Click File>import).
  5. The import window will open. Find and select the IBG Athenaze file (probably in your downloads folder.) Then click “open.”
  6. Then in the last window it should say that it imported something like 743 facts. Click close.
  7. You can now start reviewing.

Click on the newly imported deck in Anki. Then click on “custom study” at the bottom of the window. Select the last radio button “Study by card state or tag”. Click “Choose Tags.” Select the top check box and highlight the lesson number that you want to include in your study. (So for the first lesson scroll down and select the “1α” tag. Then click “OK.” You can select multiple lessons by holding down the control key as you click on them. I recommend adding the chapter lesson tags as you work through the lessons. Click the “Study Now” button to start. Press the spacebar to show the answer and then press “1” “2” or “3” to quickly mark how well you know the word. The audio should play automatically. You are able to edit each card (including your own recordings) how you desire.

A student put together this PDF (Creating a Comprehensive Deck in Anki) with instructions on how to use my cards so Anki only shows you the cards that you should be working on. It will also help with the charts side of Anki.

MP3 Recordings

The entire Greek story in Athenaze has been recorded. The story is available in downloadable MP3 files lesson by lesson. It is a great idea to load these in order into your favorite MP3 player for continual review.